$4 million+

Length of Relationship

Since 2020

Bayer is committed to helping every baby get the best start in life. Through its partnership with Vitamin Angels, Bayer is helping to expand access to multiple micronutrient supplements for millions of underserved pregnant women and babies through a comprehensive approach.


As the global leader in prenatal supplements through its brand Elevit, Bayer understands how important essential vitamins and minerals are for pregnant women and their unborn babies.  Bayer’s partnership with Vitamin Angels aims to help 4 million pregnant women and their babies, annually, gain access to essential multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS, commonly known as prenatal vitamins and minerals). Through a comprehensive approach, the partnership will improve access to MMS, which includes direct interventions, nutrition literacy and advocating for MMS to be a part of the standard of care around the world—all focused on helping women and their children lead healthier, more productive lives.

The partnership is a part of Bayer’s The Nutrient Gap Initiative, which aims to expand access to essential vitamins and minerals for underserved communities to help combat malnutrition. 


Having a healthy baby is a concern for every parent and parent-to-be everywhere around the world. Through our work with Vitamin Angels, we are helping to give babies the best start in life today and for generations to come, bringing to life our vision, Health for All, Hunger for None.

Heiko Schipper, President, Bayer Consumer Health