For Program Partners

Deliver Interventions

For program partners who have qualified for a grant, get started here with information and resources to support you in delivering our evidence-based nutrition interventions.

Intervention Tools

Program Partner Learning and Implementation Resources

Vitamin Angels is committed to the success of our program partners. We provide numerous learning and implementation resources to help partners deliver nutrition solutions for pregnant women, infants, and young children.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The following resources are intended to aid partners in monitoring service delivery and inventory management of the commodities provided by Vitamin Angels. For more information, please contact the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at

Monitoring and Supervisory Checklist

This checklist allows partners to assess the availability of their organization’s supply, service provider training, service delivery performance, and product inventory conditions. Based on the checklist results, partners can take recommended actions to improve their program.

Learner’s Guide and Facilitator’s Guide

This document is for VAS+D course facilitators and contains the Learner’s Guide materials as well as facilitator-specific information. This Learner’s Guide serves as the road map to guide the learner through the VAS+D course.

Instructor Led Course Slides

Case study flash cards for practice