Our Financials & Performance

Vitamin Angels is committed to operating with transparency and efficiency. We know you have a choice when making a charitable donation. Rest assured, we make every effort to responsibly manage the funds you entrust to us.

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Rated Highly by Charity Evaluators

At every level of our nonprofit organization, our commitment to the highest level of financial accountability shines through. In fact, we’re one of the top 3% of charities to receive a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, not just once but 10 years in a row. 

Financial Transparency Since 1994

Because Vitamin Angels is funded exclusively by private contributions, we are 100% accountable to you.
Platinum Rating by Candid (formerly GuideStar)

Platinum Rating by Candid (formerly GuideStar)

4 Stars On Charity Navigator

4 Stars On Charity Navigator

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Annual Financial Statements and Annual Reports

Our independently audited financial statements demonstrate our responsible management of funds, while our annual reports showcase how we continue to progress toward fulfilling our mission year after year.

Every Gift Matters.

*While Vitamin Angels has received a 4-star rating every year since 2006, due to a reporting discrepancy on our part in 2012 we were temporarily awarded a 3-star rating. The issue was quickly resolved and our 4-star rating was reinstated. However, as a result, Charity Navigator considers our “consecutive” rating to apply only from 2012 on.