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Transparency and accountability are fundamental to Vitamin Angels’ core values. They are vital to ensuring we deliver on our promises to our supporters, partners, stakeholders, and most of all, underserved pregnant women, new mothers, and young children.

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Rated Highly by Charity Evaluators

At every level of our nonprofit organization, our commitment to the highest level of financial accountability shines through. In fact, we’re one of the top 3% of charities to receive a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, not just once but 13 years in a row.


Guiding Our Work

Vitamin Angels follows evidence-based best practices that allow us to explore how the most rigorously tested maternal and young child nutrition interventions can be most effectively implemented within the local context of the 65 countries in which we work. All products delivered in Vitamin Angels’ programs are purchased or donated to the strictest standards. Vitamin Angels does not manufacture any product and has no financial interest in any manufacturer from whom we purchase or receive donated product.

We are committed to delivering only the best and most impactful evidence-based nutrition interventions, and we work in collaboration with a diverse array of organizations including governments, nonprofits, academic institutions, and private sector organizations to do so in a way that creates a long-lasting impact on the most underserved and nutritionally vulnerable populations—pregnant women and young children.

Our Partnerships

Vitamin Angels carefully considers all partnerships and collaborates with those organizations that align with our vision and mission, and that are committed to our scientific approach. Vitamin Angels donors do not direct our programmatic work. Evidence-based, best practices and the best interests of the underserved pregnant women, infants, and young children we impact are what lead the way.

We believe that everyone, everywhere, deserves a chance to fulfill their potential and that collaboration across a diverse network is necessary to create the systemic and long-lasting change needed to bring about health equity for all.

Financial Transparency Since the Start, In 1994

Because Vitamin Angels is funded exclusively by private contributions, we are 100% accountable to you our donors and stakeholders.
Platinum Rating by Candid

Platinum Rating by Candid

4 Stars On Charity Navigator

4 Stars On Charity Navigator

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Audited Financial Statements, Form 990, and Annual Reports

Our independently audited financial statements and form 990 demonstrate our responsible management of funds, while our annual reports showcase how we continue to progress toward fulfilling our mission year after year. See how and where Vitamin Angels accepts and uses resources to drive results for pregnant mothers and young children.

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