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The Emerson Group



Length of Relationship

Since 2014

The Emerson Group’s commitment to health and wellness is exemplified through their incredible support of Vitamin Angels and the children and mothers we serve. Through their generous corporate gifts, The Emerson Group helps support the expansion of Vitamin Angels’ international and domestic programs.


Since the beginning of our partnership in 2015, The Emerson Group has allowed Vitamin Angels to reach over 3.9 million children! In 2019, employees from The Emerson Group traveled with Vitamin Angels to Uganda to see the impact of their donations firsthand. Our team sends our utmost gratitude to their team and the brands they represent for working together to bring health to some of the most underserved communities around the world.

The Emerson Group and our participating client companies are very proud to be a sponsor of Vitamin Angels through our relationship with Walgreens.

Rick Wellinger, President and Parter, The Emerson Group