Fresh Thyme Market logo. Green background with white lettering. 'Fresh Thyme' is larger and curved over the work 'Market'.

Fresh Thyme Market



Length of Relationship

Since 2015

Since their first store opened in 2015, Fresh Thyme has been committed to Vitamin Angels’ mission to make our world a healthier place. Through their support, Vitamin Angels has reached over 6 million mothers and children with life-changing nutrition interventions.


Fresh Thyme stands by the belief that the well-being of mothers and children is the key to a healthier world. In order to have a successful and growing impact, Fresh Thyme makes a 25 cent donation for every bottle of private label vitamins sold year-round. In addition, Fresh Thyme celebrates the holiday season by holding a “Round Up at the Register” campaign on behalf of Vitamin Angels. Fresh Thyme’s successful partnership is fueled by the dedication of their employees and customers – because of them, Vitamin Angels can continue to expand our reach every year.