ProCaps Labs


$5 million+

Length of Relationship

Since 2006

ProCaps Labs, the Andrew Lessman Foundation, and their generous manufacturing partners are collaborating to supply prenatal vitamins to hundreds of thousands of mothers.


In 2006, ProCaps Labs founder, Andrew Lessman, initiated a partnership with Vitamin Angels that has since become an integral part of our work reaching pregnant mothers in the U.S. and abroad. Over the years, their ongoing commitment has established ProCaps as one of Vitamin Angels’ leading gift-in-kind donors, with ProCaps Labs donating their one billionth dose to Vitamin Angels in 2018! Together, ProCaps Labs and the Andrew Lessman Foundation are now donating an incredible 200 million prenatal vitamin and mineral supplements to Vitamin Angels annually – that’s enough to reach over 1.1 million mothers per year! The Vitamin Angels team is incredibly grateful, and we give our sincerest thanks to Andrew Lessman, the Andrew Lessman Foundation, everyone at ProCaps Labs, and to the following vendors and manufacturers for their contributions: Suheung, Lonza, AIDP, Barrington Nutritionals, Box Express and Las Vegas Color Graphics.