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The Vitamin Shoppe


$1 million+

Length of Relationship

Since 2007

In 2007, The Vitamin Shoppe committed to partnering with Vitamin Angels to help end global malnutrition. Over a decade later, they have impacted the lives of over 50 million children and moms.


The Vitamin Shoppe teams shares our belief in the power of vitamins. Since our partnership began, The Vitamin Shoppe’s enthusiasm for our cause and steadfast commitment to the moms and children we serve has only multiplied.

Twice a year, The Vitamin Shoppe kicks its support into high gear, educating and inspiring all those who frequent their 700+ retail stores across the country and in Canada. Customers generously make donations at the register.

Equally important to fundraising is telling the stories of the mothers and children whose lives have been changed because of our partnership. Every year, The Vitamin Shoppe has sent team members on an international trip to gain an understanding of the impact and importance of our work together. Since 2010, The Vitamin Shoppe has been to Peru three times, Guatemala twice, Haiti, Indonesia, and Uganda.

In 2010, The Vitamin Shoppe was inspired to expand our partnership even further by holding our first ever Charity Golf Outing. Partnering with Nature’s Value, and working tirelessly to recruit sponsors and participants, the first golf tournament exceeded expectations raising almost $250,000. Over the last ten years, the annual event has raised enough to help Vitamin Angels reach over 13 million additional children.

The Vitamin Shoppe’s consistent support year after year and genuine passion shared by all those who work at the company have allowed Vitamin Angels to continue expanding our reach and improving children’s lives worldwide.

All of the Health Enthusiasts at The Vitamin Shoppe are proud to have made a meaningful impact on over 50 million lives during our 13 years of partnership with Vitamin Angels. Their life-changing mission to provide essential nutritional support to at-risk mothers and children upholds our core belief of helping everyone become their best self, however they define it.