Walgreens Boots Alliance


$10 million+

Length of Relationship

Since 2013

Walgreens Boots Alliance has reached over 350 million women and children around the world with life-changing vitamins and minerals through its partnership with Vitamin Angels.


Get vitamins. Change lives.

Since 2013, Walgreens and Vitamin Angels have worked together to provide life-changing vitamins and minerals to undernourished children and expectant mothers in the U.S. and around the world. Over the last decade, Walgreens and its suppliers have donated one percent of vitamin and supplement retail sales to support Vitamin Angels’ outreach efforts to communities in need across the U.S. and globally.

Walgreens Boots Alliance has extended our partnership globally, and has committed to reach even more women and children – for a combined total of 500 million lives changed through this partnership by 2025!

“With the support of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Vitamin Angels has been able to reach millions of mothers and children under five at risk of malnutrition with life-saving nutrients,” said Howard Schiffer, founder and president of Vitamin Angels. “We are honored to be partnering with an organization that cares so much about children and moms in the U.S. and around the world.” Vitamin Angels thanks the entire Walgreens Boots Alliance team for their incredible commitment and dedication to this partnership. Support from Walgreens Boots Alliance helps make Vitamin Angels’ work possible.

As a global healthcare company, WBA knows how critical our role is in helping people access essential healthcare. Through pharmacies that are deeply rooted in communities across the world and through our partnerships with vital organizations such as Vitamin Angels, we continue to deliver on our mission to provide support and assistance on a global scale, where it is needed most. Together, we are committed to reaching a combined total of 500 million lives by 2025.

Ornella Barra, Chief Operating Officer, International, Walgreens Boots Alliance