The Worm Project logo with black lettering. A single globe takes the place of the 'o' in both 'worm' and 'project'

The Worm Project


$5 million+

Length of Relationship

Since 2003

For nearly two decades, The Worm Project has supported Vitamin Angels’ efforts to reach the most at-risk children with deworming medication, albendazole.


Supported by donors from their local congregations, The Worm Project believes that no child should suffer from intestinal parasites. 17 years ago, Claude Good, the founder of The Worm Project, called Howard to present the idea to incorporate deworming as one of our organization’s programs. Nearly twenty years later, as the partnership between The Worm Project and Vitamin Angels has continued to grow, so has our shared commitment to provide deworming globally.

The Worm Project is so thankful to have Vitamin Angels as a trusted partner in our mission to help provide deworming medicine to God’s precious children in the neediest countries around the world.

Gary Delp, Board President, The Worm Project