Your Gift Nourishes the Health of Children and Moms Worldwide

Vitamin Angels strives for a world where every child gets an equal chance at a healthy life.

Today, more than 3 billion people worldwide – largely in low-resource settings – experience some form of malnutrition.

Vitamin Angels targets the critical period from pregnancy to early childhood, offering proven nutrition solutions that support healthy pregnancies, improve birth outcomes, and lower infant and maternal mortality. We extend our reach to underserved communities in about 65 countries globally and every U.S. state through a network of 1,200 program partners.

Founded in 1994, We Are a Public Health Nonprofit Bringing Essential Healthcare to Underserved Communities

Vitamin Angels earned a “Perfect 100%” Four-Star Charity rating from Charity Navigator.

Improving nutrition lays a foundation for a lifetime of health and hope.

Cheered on by her mom, Rambu, and local health workers in their Indonesian village, Karin bravely took her vitamin A dose. This moment of courage, backed by Rambu’s loving commitment to her well-being and education, renewed hope for a future where three-year-old Karin can thrive and shine.

Our commitment to addressing maternal and child malnutrition is unwavering. We aim to double our impact to reach 140 million mothers and children annually by 2033.