NEWS Vitamin A Deficiency In Children Has Fatal Impact Vitamin A Deficiency In Children Has Fatal Impact

Interviewees and Lecturers before the Symposium and General Stadium at UAA – (photo: Rahajeng Pramesi)

BANTUL, – Lack of vitamin A in infants and children is fatal for their future development. Vitamin A deficiency can cause blindness, decreased endurance and even vulnerable to various diseases. Therefore a joint solution is needed for Indonesian children and toddlers to guarantee the fulfillment of vitamin A needs.

“We are holding a General Stadium and Mini Symposium on the history of Vitamin A and meeting the needs of substances needed for pregnant women in collaboration with John Hopkins University, UAA and the NGO Vitamin Angels. The activities carried out with a vitamin A background have not yet reached all toddlers and children in Indonesia. available, is it really consumed by toddlers or not. So the collaborative research was conducted so that all children and toddlers are able to reach and guarantee vitamin A needs, “said Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FIKes) of Alma Ata University (UAA), Esti Nurwanti, S.Gz , RD, MPH, PhD, Friday (10/1).

The new joint research object will be conducted in the Sedayu Bantul area. 

On the other hand, the activity also recommended that pregnant women not only be given FE and Folic Acid, but that there should be plenty of substances given to support optimal development of the fetus.

“Pregnant women can also be given Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B2, B1, B6, Zinc and other substances needed. The lack of these substances is prone to cause premature babies, underweight and even stunting,” he said.

Present as a speaker, Prof. Keith P West Jr. Dr. PH.RD from John Hopkins University and Kristen Hurley MPH, PhD from NGO Vitamins Angels.

The Chancellor of UAA, Prof. Dr. H. Hamam Hadi, MS., Sc.D., Sp.GK added that this collaboration is expected to reduce the case of Low Weight Born Babies (LBW), reduce infant mortality and reduce cases of early blindness, anemia of pregnant women and even stunting. (Aje)

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