NeoCell Donates $60,000 to Vitamin Angels

Irvine, Calif. (Feb. 23, 2016) – NeoCell has wrapped up its fall campaign to raise money for Vitamin Angels with a $60,000 donation to the nonprofit group.

Each fall, NeoCell makes a 25-cent donation to Vitamin Angels for each product it ships from October through December. The five-year partnership has now raised enough money to help more than
1.5 million children.

A simple 25-cent donation is enough for Vitamin Angels to provide critically needed vitamins to a mother or child for an entire year.

The NeoCell campaign isn’t just about raising money, but also about raising awareness of the worldwide issue of malnutrition. NeoCell uses special next tags that promote Vitamin Angels during the fall campaign and encourages others to donate through its #GivingIsBeautiful hashtag on social media. 

“It’s remarkable to think that this partnership has been able to have a positive impact on a million and a half mothers and children around the world,” said Jessica Mulligan, NeoCell Vice-President of Sales & Marketing. “We hope that others join us in supporting Vitamin Angels and the amazing work that the organization does.”

“NeoCell immediately understood the importance of our work,” said Howard Schiffer, president and founder of Vitamin Angels. “Their dedication and commitment over the past five years has been unwavering. We’re honored to be working with them and know that together we will continue to change lives worldwide.”

According to a study in the Lancet, undernutrition is the underlying cause of 45% of all child deaths worldwide;1 that’s more than a million innocent lives lost per year. Millions more will never reach their full physical or mental potential due to inadequate diets. Many of these children’s lives
can be saved or their lives changed dramatically through improved nutrition.

Vitamin Angels is on track to reach more than 40 million children and mothers in over 50 countries with vitamin A – one of five micronutrients critical for growth and development – in addition to providing prenatal vitamins, children’s multivitamins, and deworming treatments.

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1Maternal and Child Nutrition 1: Maternal and child undernutrition and overweight in low-income and middle-income countries. The Lancet, 2013: Volume 382, Issue 9890, Pages 427 – 451. Robert E Black, Cesar G Victora, Susan P Walker, Zulfiqar A Bhutta*, Parul Christian*, Mercedes de Onis*, Majid Ezzati*, Sally Grantham-McGregor*, Joanne Katz*, Reynaldo Martorell*, Ricardo Uauy*, and the Maternal and Child Nutrition Study Group. p. 15  Undernutrition, including fetal growth restriction, suboptimum breastfeeding, stunting, wasting, and deficiencies of vitamin A and zinc, cause 45% of child deaths, resulting in 3·1 million deaths annually.

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