Walgreens News: Vitamins today for a healthy tomorrow

Jessica is the proud mother of a healthy boy named Jackson. He’s tall for his age – in the 90th percentile for “pretty much everything” – and he’s hit almost all of his early growth milestones so far with flying colors.
But getting Jackson to this point took a major commitment to her own health and the health of her unborn child during her pregnancy, along with a little help from Vitamin Angels and the support of Walgreens.
Jessica had a hard time finding prenatal vitamins and minerals that didn’t provoke her morning sickness. She could only afford the cheapest option, which unfortunately increased her nausea. “Sometimes, (the right) prenatal vitamins for you can be really expensive,” she says. “Especially for working families that have to pay for childcare, and other stuff.”
Through Vitamin Angels, she was able to receive free prenatal vitamins and minerals that worked for her individual needs during her pregnancy. She credits this nutrition with giving her baby the best chance at a strong, happy life.
More than 250 million mothers and children, like Jessica, have received the vitamins they need thanks to the work of Vitamin Angels and the support of Walgreens and their customers. When a customer buys any vitamin or supplement product, either in store or online, Walgreens makes a 1 percent donation of that sale to Vitamin Angels – which then allows the organization to provide free, essential vitamins to those who need them most in the U.S. and around the world.
During the month of January, customers can also donate Walgreens Cash rewards to Vitamin Angels through their myWalgreens account in the Walgreens App or online at*   
In the video below, Kristen Hurley, PhD, MPH and SVP of Nutrition for Vitamin Angels, explains how Vitamin Angels and Walgreens are helping mothers like Jessica and children like Jackson: