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Vitamin Angels’ Advocacy Efforts

The right nutrition at the right time makes all the difference. When expecting mothers and young children get the nutrition they need, it sets off a ripple effect of health and well-being that impacts entire communities. Vitamin Angels helps create and strengthen support systems for mothers and caregivers so they can access nutrition solutions and education that support their health and help them make the best decisions about feeding their children. Vitamin Angels advocates on behalf of mothers and their babies and empowers communities with the resources and support to help them access health and nutrition services. 


Our Work with Global, Local, and National Partners

Vitamin Angels works with over 1,200 partners in more than 65 countries to deliver proven nutrition solutions to pregnant women, infants, and young children. We do this by partnering with global, national, and local groups, organizations, and governments. Working together allows us to find the most effective ways to reduce barriers to access and connect the most underserved populations who are nutritionally vulnerable with essential interventions. 

Raising Awareness of Nutrition Solutions

A key element of our advocacy work is raising awareness for evidence-based nutrition interventions. From the local level up to national health and nutrition policymakers, we provide education, resources, and training to spread the word about proven nutrition services and solutions. As awareness increases, interest and demand grow, and the potential for impact is amplified.

Creating Opportunities for Collaboration

Partnership, collaboration, and consensus are essential for building effective programming and policies to support optimal nutrition and improve maternal and child health. Vitamin Angels creates opportunities for key stakeholders to convene, share information, build consensus around the use of vital nutrition solutions, and collaborate to take the necessary steps to implement those solutions. Strengthening the supply chain helps to improve product availability, which is another way Vitamin Angels is working to overcome barriers to access.

Supporting Policies, Planning, and Programs

In addition to working with local partners to deliver a package of nutrition solutions for pregnant women, infants, and children, we engage with local, national, and international stakeholders to conduct research and work with decision-makers to develop policies and programs that expand access to essential nutrition care. 

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Ensuring Nutrition Solutions Reach Pregnant Women and Children

For health and nutrition programs to make an impact in underserved communities, they must be sufficiently funded, effectively implemented, and designed to meet the needs of women and children. We engage with our program partners, as well as other stakeholders like policymakers and local health officials, to ensure programs are data-driven, context-specific, scalable, and effective. These steps enable our impact to reach the women, children, and communities who need help the most.

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