Ashutosh Mishra, MBBS, MPH, MS


Ashutosh Mishra

After working for more than 15 years in different public health organisations, Dr Ashutosh Mishra has joined Vitamin Angels as the Senior Regional Technical Director for Special Programs, and will be responsible for developing, planning, implementing, and evaluating special initiatives related to the strengthening and/or introduction of existing and new public health nutrition interventions.

Dr Mishra has strong program management skills including strategy designing and a significant expertise in managing a portfolio of maternal, neonatal, child health, nutrition, and family planning grants. He has significant expertise in implementation research and in developing M&E frameworks for large-scale public health programs. In his previous assignments, he has been actively involved in designing interventions to reduce morbidity and mortality among mothers and young children.

He is a nature lover and a movie aficionado and likes to listen to classical music and read non-fiction in his free time. He is also a fitness freak – counting calories and exercising regularly, and loves his daily meditation sessions.

Team member since 2021