Enrique Rios, MPH, DrPH


Enrique Rios

Enrique’s work with Vitamin Angels is not the first time he’s treated nutrient deficiency in children. After studying Medicine in Mexico and receiving MPH and DrPH degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, he held the position of National Director of the Nutrition Program for Indigenous Populations in Mexico at the Ministry of Health, where his team incorporated universal iron supplementation to prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia in children under five years of age.

After his tenure there, he shifted his focus to more administrative work, but was unfulfilled by the change. “Vitamin Angels gave me the opportunity to go back in track with what I love most, which is working with disadvantaged populations and implementing interventions that can improve their nutritional status – especially children and mothers,” Enrique says. Now, his role at Vitamin Angels enables hm to identify and manage NGOs that align with our vision for field partners. “This is the first time I’ve worked with an American nonprofit organization, and I am proud to be part of Vitamin Angels,” he says.

During his free time, Enrique likes to read history and biography books, as well as spend quality time with friends and family. Health is not just a priority in regard to his life’s work, but also with his personal well-being – Enrique goes to a fitness club daily to work out, run, swim, and play tennis. But when he wants to treat himself, his go-to dish is mole enchiladas and tacos!