Minaud Dacius, MPH


Minaud Dacius

Along with a large network of NGOs and CBOs, Minaud manages our program in Haiti to deliver essential micronutrient products within the country. As a physician with a MPH degree, he brings with him a combined experience in clinical and public care with hospitals and NGOs. “I believe that healthy and happy children are the key towards a sustainable development for my country,” Minaud says. “I believe that if I can reach Haitian newborns [with vitamins] during their 1,000 first days of life, this can contribute to drastically change the country.”

Minaud’s work in Haiti gives him the special opportunity to witness the long-term and ongoing effects of vitamin supplementation. He’s continuously inspired by the stories that parents share with him about how vitamins help their children’s health improve. He also draws inspiration from many parents from poorer areas who are wholeheartedly dedicated to their children’s health. “They will do whatever they can to keep their children healthy and to send them to school,” he says. “That gives me hope.”

Aside from his work with Vitamin Angels, Minaud enjoys going out with his wife, reading, and going to the beach – or all three at the same time! To maintain his health, he exercises at a gym close to his home and makes socializing with friends a priority.