Mulamba Diese, MD


Mulamba Diese

Mulamba Diese, MD has worked alongside Vitamin Angels since 2016 as our consultant for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). He oversees our programs within the country, promoting Vitamin Angels’ mission while empowering and improving the lives of others. As part of his role, Mulamba also searches for potential field partners, provides technical training, and works closely with the Ministry of Health and other relevant stakeholders to ensure our services are well-coordinated. His hard work is demonstrative of his lifelong passion for helping others, as he previously worked at UNICEF, USAID, and CDC. He has also lectured on infectious diseases and immunology and has lent his expertise to other health and nutrition initiatives.

Through his efforts as our DRC consultant, Mulamba’s goal is to reduce the infant mortality rate in the DRC through our vitamin A supplementation and deworming programs. His favorite part of his job at Vitamin Angels, he says, is witnessing and sharing the stories of our impact on individuals and communities. Despite his defining work as a champion for health, he also identifies himself as a human rights activist, and a family man who loves and protects his children.

Team member since 2015.