Sara Snow


Sara Snow

Sara Snow is a natural health expert, a speaker, spokesperson, author and TV host.  As host of two TV series for the Discovery Networks, regular appearances on outlets including CNN, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, New York Times, Lucky Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and many others, Sara educates, coaches, motivates on healthy living.   Ms Snow is also co-founder of a healthy-materials fashion line called hide&cheek that uses certified organic seaweed to create skin nourishing garments.  Snow sits on the board of advisors for Thrive Market and the global non-profit, Vitamin Angels.

What inspired you to join Vitamin Angels?

I am a mom of two small girls but I’m one of the lucky ones who can afford healthy food and other necessities to keep them well.  Who does my heart break for?  Those mothers who can not.  That is why I joined the board of Vitamin Angels.  To help bring the power of life-saving vitamins to children in need.

How do you like to stay healthy?

My method of staying healthy is quite simple.  I eat healthy foods (fresh, fewer ingredients, lower in sugars) and I am active in some way every single day.  And because I also believe that happy makes you healthy, I look at my family and find joy in my life every day.