Scott Holmes


Scott Holmes

Seasoned advertising and digital executive, Scott is a true visionary with broad and deep expertise in technology, entertainment and mobile commerce initiatives with Fortune 100 brands and start-ups alike.  Accomplished leader of 20 years and former founder of United Future, a digital media agency, Scott was named 2012/13 Mobile Ambassador by the Mobile Excellence Awards Association.

Scott has helped mentor several startups over the past decade, and has been written up as a thought leader in the WSJ, Wired Magazine, Los Angeles Business Journal and featured speaker. He resides in Westlake Village with his wife and 2 sons.

What inspired you to join Vitamin Angels? The ability to make a difference today and not have to spend money on finding a cure.

How do you stay healthy?  A daily regimen of vitamins, exercise, healthy elixirs and smiling as much as possible.