India Learning Solutions Manager, India

Sony Thomas, Ph.D.

Since our program in India is the largest within Vitamin Angels, we depend upon our consultant team in the area to effectively train and mentor new grantees. Dr Sony Thomas ensures that these trainings are planned and executed smoothly, handling coordination with trainers and organizing logistics for each of the vitamin A supplements and deworming courses. In addition to a doctoral degree in Social Work, Sony also boasts over 10 years in HIV prevention and care training. However, he had not heard about vitamin A supplementation as an intervention prior to his work with Vitamin Angels – “getting to know [how] vitamin A capsules are lifesaving for children and are the most cost-effective intervention for their overall growth was inspiring,” he said.

Speaking to what motivates him, Dr Thomas believes that his cross-country travels to reach different regions “has been my force to carry on!” One experience, in particular, drives him to continue his work: “I met a young lady during a donor visit who shared how she lost her elder son at the age of two, due to ill-health. She still carries this guilt of not being responsible enough to take care of his health. So she now takes every opportunity to attend any health camp and do whatever it takes to ensure the good health of her only daughter. She told me, ‘I will not live if my daughter dies.’ It brought tears to my eyes.” Thankfully, Sony’s tireless work with Vitamin Angels helps ensure that many other parents have the opportunity to give their children healthy futures.

Apart from his role within Vitamin Angels, Dr Thomas enjoys traveling with his family, exercising to stay fit, and enjoying all meals prepared Kerala-style. He has a special place in his heart for parotha and beef curry!

Dr Thomas has been a team member since 2014.