Tara Burkley


Tara Burkley

Tara Burkley is the Director of Insights and Data for the NEXT Team within New Hope, where she brings over 25 years of experience and passion to work for companies trying to understand health and nutritional wellness trends. Curiosity and genuine interest in making a difference while inspiring others has fueled Tara toward making effective connections both inside and outside of her own organization.

Tara continues to create meaningful interaction between brand and consumer (and business to business) by observing, asking the right questions and empowering companies toward better actions through the strength of knowledge. Knowing what to do with data leads to success within companies in need of seeing the 30,000 ft. view while gaining traction during day-to-day operations. In her current role, Tara is tasked with working to uncover marketplace needs that rely on data and insights unique to New Hope. Success is seen in the varied custom research projects she has brought to the team over the past 16 years. Projects as varied as new concept testing to a multi-year playbook on how to know when to activate specific strategies based on company sales figures, product mix, distribution, and consumer trends.

She holds a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University, and an advanced degree from St. Gallen University in Switzerland.

Tara is actively involved with Slow Money on their Board of Directors and the Kitchen Cabinet of SOIL. Both organizations serve to grow and support funding of local farm operations. She is passionate about nutrition and using her expertise in the industry to help Vitamin Angels in her role on the Board of Advisors.