Find out how much you know about our work in the U.S.

Find out how much you know about our work in the U.S.

1. On average, 185 women a day receive our prenatal vitamins in the U.S. That equals approximately 70,000 women annually!

2. Laid end-to-end, the prenatal vitamin capsules we distributed to pregnant women in the U.S last year would span the entire state of Louisiana. Bonus fact: moms there gave birth to about the same number of babies as the number of moms we served across the U.S last year!

3. Our prenatal vitamins contain 15 different vitamins and minerals.They are formulated to the standards set by the world Health Organization and UNICEF to meet the daily nutritional requirements of a woman during pregnancy.

4. The prenatal vitamins we distribute help protect against low birth weight (LBW), small for gestational age (SGA), Spina Bifida and more. Supporting moms nutritional needs during pregnancy means that their children are more likely to reach their full mental and physical potential as adults.

5. Thirty of our partner organizations that distribute prenatal vitamins are located in Texas – more than any other state we work in! It’s also home to the second highest birthrate in the country, after California.

6. Food banks, free clinics, and pregnancy resource centers are the types of facilities receiving our prenatal viamin grants. We partner with organizations who are reaching underserved women in cities, rural towns, and everywhere in between in the U.S. (and Canada)!