Vitamin Angels Launches Mother’s Day Campaign to Raise Awareness Around the Urgency of Maternal and Child Nutrition

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Vitamin Angels has launched a donation campaign to raise awareness around the urgency of maternal and child nutrition. Beginning today and ending on May 8, Vitamin Angels’ corporate partners Eu Natural, Nourished, and Nature’s Sunshine will match campaign donations up to $35,000.

“For expecting mothers and young children, nutrition is urgent. Each day matters. There is no ‘catching up later,’ said Howard Schiffer, Vitamin Angels Founder and President. “Mother’s Day should be a reminder to everyone that nothing should stand between a mother and her child’s healthy future.”

Globally, micronutrient deficiencies, which are a lack of vitamins and minerals, affect over 2 billion people worldwide and half of all women and girls in low and middle-income countries. Most notably, undernutrition causes 45% of deaths in children under 5. These numbers can have dramatic consequences.

Proper nourishment lays the foundation for a healthy, productive life. Healthy pregnant women are more likely to have healthy newborns. Children who grow up strong can thrive in school and beyond, leading to greater economic success for individuals and entire communities.  

Campaign donations will be used to support Vitamin Angels’ work to deliver vital nutrition to communities lacking access to healthcare. Their evidence-based nutrition interventions are a powerful way to support healthy pregnancies, dramatically improve birth outcomes, reduce infant mortality, and protect those under five against debilitating childhood infections.

To learn more about the campaign and to make a donation, visit: