Vitamin Angels Promotes eLearning Courses at the 2019 American Society of Nutrition Conference

Vitamin Angels works with healthcare providers in hard-to-reach, remote areas of the world that all have widely varying levels of education and computer literacy. In order to support these providers in administering evidence based nutrition interventions according to best practices, Vitamin Angels developed an eLearning course that can be delivered both online and offline.

To determine the effectiveness of the eLearning course, given the varying levels of provider education and computer literacy, Vitamin Angels conducted a study that examined the relation between healthcare provider education, computer literacy, and performance of the eLearning course. The results of this study were presented by Christy Nichols, Vitamin Angels Learning Solutions Manager, at the 2019 American Society of Nutrition conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

The study consisted of 359 healthcare providers from 7 low-middle income countries whom completed the eLearning course, which focused on the 11 critical steps to administering vitamin A supplementation and deworming (VAS+D). The providers completed an in-person evaluation where they were observed demonstrating how to deliver VAS+D.  

The study concluded that Vitamin Angels’ eLearning course can successfully transfer the required skills necessary for healthcare providers to deliver vitamin A supplementation and deworming according to best practices, regardless of educational background or computer literacy.