For Program Partners

Learning and Implementation Resources

Here are the training options that are available, review them to find the training that best fits your needs according to your programs.

VAS+D In-Person training

This instructor led course is taught by a trained facilitator with opportunities for practice and feedback. Availability may be limited for VA-supported in-person training courses. The estimated time to complete the course is 5-7 hours. VA provides a Certificate of Competency upon completion. The course materials are available in the following languages.

Related materials

Learner’s Guide and Facilitator’s Guide

This document is for VAS+D course facilitators and contains the Learner’s Guide materials as well as facilitator-specific information. This Learner’s Guide serves as the road map to guide the learner through the VAS+D course.

Case study flash cards for practice

These case study flash cards can be used individually or as a group to practice the VAS+D eligibility and dosing of children under 5 years old.

VAS+D Online Course

This online learning course (eLearning) may be taken at learner’s pace and can be repeated multiple times. It requires a computer or a smartphone, and VA provides a certificate of completion. This course can be taken online, or taken offline using a USB (provided a VA) and results may be uploaded with an internet connection at a later point. It is available in the following languages: Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, and Bahasa Indonesian. The estimated time to complete is 2hrs.

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Click here to download and save the desktop/USB version of the VAS+D eLearning course for Windows. Once the course is downloaded using an internet connection, it can be taken offline at any time.

Instructions for taking the offline eLearning course

To take the eLearning course online please email to request log-in information from the Vitamin Angels’ Technical Services team. Please write your name, country and field partner name in the subject of the email (example: ‘Subject: Sony Smith, India, Children of the World’).

Pick the service delivery supporting tools and materials (i.e. job aids) that your service providers will use during the distribution and during caregiver counseling. These tools and materials are designed to improve the quality of the service delivery and to serve as helpful reminders to service providers so that they can remember important steps and critical information to discuss with caregivers.


Visual Checklist

Step by step illustrated checklist on how to administer Vitamin A and Deworming.

Performance Checklist

This details the 39 steps on how to deliver VAS+D according to international best practices.

Steps Card

This small, compact card has all the information needed to deliver VAS+D safely and efficiently during mass distribution or routine check-ups.

Mobile App

you can find more tools on VAS+D at our mobile site.

Nurturing Healthy Children Poster

These posters are designed to be displayed at distribution sites to provide caregivers and families with nutrition information


Instruction Sheet – How to Deliver Multivitamins for Pregnant Women

Provides an overview on key aspects of providing MMS to pregnant women.

Nurturing Healthy Mothers Poster

The poster is designed to be displayed at distribution sites and illustrate a comprehensive approach to nutrition that includes supplementation, healthy foods, and breastfeeding practices.

Brochure for Beneficiaries

This brochure outlines the importance of good nutrition during pregnancy. It also provides a calendar to help women keep track of taking their daily multivitamin.

Mobile App

you can find more tools on MMS at our mobile site.

Pick all the program management tools you will need to support your programs.


VAS+D Register

Use to track receipt of VAS+D by children enrolled in your program at each distribution.

VAS+D Daily Tally Sheet

Keep track of the quantity of VAS+D distributed during a distribution

Child Health Card

Can be provided to children in your VAS+D program (in the absence of an existing government health card) to track receipt of routine health services including VAS+D

Inventory Management

Product Storage Poster

Displays best practices for storing VAS+D and MMS.

Procedures Checklist

Simple checklist for help with managing inventory.

Monitoring & Supervision

Monitoring & Supervisory Checklist

This checklist allows partners to assess the availability of their organization’s supply, service provider training, service delivery performance, and product inventory conditions. Based on the checklist results, partners can take recommended actions to improve their program.

How to Use the Monitoring and Supervisory Checklist

Instructional Video

Instructional Sheet

Annual Report

The Annual Reporting form tracks the distribution of the commodities provided by Vitamin Angels and must be completed in order to receive additional supplies. Please read the instructions carefully.

US and Canada



Uganda and south sudan


Here is a list of additional reference materials with in-depth information on each intervention:


Reference Manuals

Reference Manual for implementing vitamin A and deworming distribution programs for use by program managers and service providers.

Fact Sheets

This is a quick guide for why and how to give vitamin A supplements and deworming to children under five.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common VAS+D questions

Delivering VAS+D Interventions During COVID-19 Course


Fact Sheets

This fact sheet summarizes the research on multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) for pregnant women as well as addresses frequently asked questions for potential program partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use this information sheet to counsel pregnant women during antenatal care and to guide your program to help ensure underserved pregnant women have access to MMS.

Instructional Videos

VAS+D Service Delivery Videos

The videos show a demonstration of how to deliver VAS+D services to children.

VAS+D Service Delivery Micro-Videos

These micro-videos show a demonstration of how to deliver VAS+D services to children. Each video shows a different aspect of service delivery. These are:

VAS Videos

The videos show a demonstration of how to deliver VAS services to children.

Deworming Videos

The videos show a demonstration of how to deliver deworming services to children.

How to Practice Giving VAS+D

It is always important to practice giving vitamin A and deworming before an actual distribution, campaign or camp.  Watch these videos for important tips on how to practice.

How to Fill in the Daily Tally Sheet

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