From Undernourished to Unstoppable

From Undernourished to Unstoppable

When Flor was pregnant with her daughter Jocabeth (wearing orange ribbons), doctors warned her that she was at risk of miscarriage. Although she defied the odds and carried Jocabeth to term, Jocabeth was skinny as a young child and only wanted to eat bread. It was a scary time for Flor.

One day, word spread that a local health organization was bringing a nutritionist to Flor’s village of Guadalupe Cote, Mexico. Flor took a chance. During that first visit, a screening showed that her daughter was in the ‘danger zone’ for malnutrition. The nutritionist provided counseling for Flor and Jocabeth promptly received her first dose of vitamin A and a deworming tablet.

These days, Jocabeth is an energetic and joyful three-year-old. And she’s not the only one — Flor’s niece Ana, and many of the children in her community, are thriving as well. When Flor saw the improvement in her daughter’s health she began sharing the vitamins’ impact with her family and community, and more children began attending the distributions.

Since that first distribution over a year ago, Flor is happy and relieved that her daughter is doing so well. Ana’s mother sent us back with a message for our supporters: “Thank you that God planted it in your heart to do this work. Please keep helping children.”

With your help, we can do just that. This holiday season, make a tax-deductible gift to stop malnutrition before it starts for children like Jocabeth and Ana all around the world.