Everyone Deserves a Chance at a Healthy Life

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Vitamin Angels is on a mission to end malnutrition and create a world of endless possibility, where everyone gets a chance to thrive.

With over 1 billion women and children lacking basic healthcare and nutrition, the need to improve access to nutrition has never been greater. Vitamin Angels reaches underserved communities, delivering proven nutrition solutions during pregnancy and early childhood. 

Every Mother. Every Child. Everywhere.

At Vitamin Angels, we focus on addressing malnutrition during the critical period from a woman’s pregnancy through a child’s first 5 years of life. During this crucial time of growth and development, every day matters. Health won’t wait. We can save lives and increase potential by reaching nutritionally vulnerable populations with interventions including prenatal vitamins and minerals, vitamin A and deworming.

As a public health nonprofit, we are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a more equitable world. We help remove barriers to access and bring essential healthcare to underserved communities across every US state and about 65 countries.

We can be the generation to end malnutrition. We want to see healthy mothers, healthy babies, healthy children and a better world become a reality everywhere. And we will, with your support.

– Howard B. Schiffer, Vitamin Angels Founder and President

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Together we can double our impact to reach 140 million women and children annually by 2033.