Providing Reassurance & Support Amidst COVID-19

Providing Reassurance & Support Amidst COVID-19

Part of a health center network, CompleteCare provides accessible and affordable healthcare to individuals in its regional communities regardless of their age and income level. The Women’s Health team is a subset of CompleteCare that offers OB/GYN services and has been working hard to support pregnant women during the pandemic.

James Clements, the practice manager for CompleteCare’s Women’s Health sites, explained that their biggest challenge has been “helping the moms overcome their fears in this uncertain time. [This includes] getting them to come in for their regularly scheduled check-ups, and to help them figure out their birthing plan during this difficult situation.”

The pregnant women CompleteCare serves also receive Vitamin Angels’ prenatal vitamins and minerals. At this critical stage of growth and development, good nutrition is essential. Having access to high-quality supplements free of cost extends an additional level of peace of mind.

Despite the added considerations of providing care during COVID-19, the rewards outweigh the challenges. “The most joy comes through reassuring our moms-to-be that they will be safe during this process,” Clements said. “[We let] them know about all the extra safety precautions we have put in place at our sites and that these measures will carry over into the hospital setting when they give birth. A lot of people come in fearful but are able to leave knowing that they will be okay, and their babies will be okay.”

Clements shared there has been an overwhelming amount of support from the New Jersey community, especially during COVID. “We have been supported during COVID by donations of supplies including masks, gown, face shields, and more. It has been nice to have community members reaching out to offer homemade masks and local businesses donating their extra supplies.” 

Since the start of COVID-19, CompleteCare has administered almost 6,000 COVID tests via their drive-through and walk-up sites across southern New Jersey.