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If you are searching for a career in public health, consider bringing your skills, background, and passion to our team.

When you work at Vitamin Angels, you’re part of a team that cares about one another. We care about our employees being treated with respect, integrity, and kindness. We want you to feel included, valued as individual contributors and given opportunities to grow and develop professionally.

Depending on your position, you’ll work remotely, in person from our offices in Goleta, CA or Chicago, IL, or through a hybrid combination.

Full-Time & Part-Time Employees


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Vitamin Angels strives for a world where every mother has a healthy pregnancy, and every child gets an equal chance at a healthy life. Today, more than 3 billion people worldwide – largely in low-resource settings – experience some form of malnutrition. Our goal is to reduce this inequity by ensuring that underserved, nutritionally vulnerable populations have access to evidence-based nutrition interventions.

To accomplish this, we collaborate with over 1,200 local organizations, including governments, across more than 65 countries. We strengthen, extend, and amplify the work of in-country partners by delivering nutrition resources and services to more than 70 million pregnant women, infants, and young children annually who are underserved by existing systems.