Technical Assistance

We provide technical assistance to our program partners to expand and strengthen the nutrition services they deliver. Our technical assistance is offered through learning solutions, monitoring and evaluation, and supply chain solutions.

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Expanding and Strengthening Existing Systems

The technical assistance provided by Vitamin Angels can increase the quality and potential for impact of existing health and nutrition services offered by our program partners. With everything from quick reference materials on infection prevention measures during distributions to supply chain support, our technical assistance adds value by building on systems that are already in place. 


Learning Solutions

We provide our program partners with resources like educational materials, training courses and videos to help them deliver evidence-based nutrition interventions to the women and children in their communities. Explore our full selection of Learning & Implementation Resources.

Educational Materials 

Our educational materials are intended to guide conversations with health and nutrition service providers and stakeholders about vitamin A supplementation and deworming (VAS+D) and multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS). We offer downloadable flash cards, fact sheets, infographics, and more in various languages.

Training Courses

We offer in-person and virtual training for program partner organizations and government health providers interested in delivering vitamin A supplementation and deworming treatments to children. Our wide selection of videos can be used as supplemental reference materials during and after training.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Vitamin Angels engages in ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities with our program partners to validate the extent of our impact and to support program management and decision-making. Activities include:


Vitamin Angels collects data and documentation from program partners indicating where, when, and how interventions were distributed over the past year. During this process, we also validate that program partners are coordinating with governments and therefore not duplicating services.

On-Site Monitoring

Each year, Vitamin Angels conducts on-site monitoring visits among a randomly selected sample of our program partners. During these visits, trained and qualified monitors directly observe the distribution activities of our program partners and measure key outputs and outcomes. We also conduct quality control measures and provide feedback, to ensure effective program implementation.

Coverage Surveys

Vitamin Angels conducts coverage surveys to determine the proportion of a population who reports receiving nutrition interventions and services for women and children under age 5 from Vitamin Angels, the national government, and/or another source. This data allows us to identify and fill gaps in coverage and evaluate our overall reach.

Supply Chain Solutions

From product manufacturing and procurement to warehousing and distribution, we make it possible for evidence-based nutrition products to reach underserved women and children, no matter where they live. Our supply chain team tracks air, sea, and ground logistics and oversees quality control measures globally through a digital inventory management system across 12 warehouses.
Strengthening the supply chain helps to improve product availability, which is another way Vitamin Angels is working to overcome barriers to access.