Peter Aldis

Advisor / Development Committee

Peter Aldis

Peter is a freelance consultant in the health and wellness arena. With over 30 years’ expertise in business management, he helps various companies to establish priorities, deliver goal-orientated strategies, and execute specialist projects.

Peter is mostly known for his long career at Holland & Barrett International (29 years, in fact) of which he spent 11 years working hard as their passionate and successful CEO. Having joined Holland & Barrett in 1990, he has held several positions within the company: in 1998, he became Commercial Director following its acquisition by NBTY Inc; in 2003 he was named Managing Director; and then in 2008, he became CEO. During his time as CEO, Peter helped NBTY sell the business to Carlyle in 2010 for £490m, and subsequently helped Carlyle sell the business to Letter One in 2017 for £1.8bn. Holland & Barrett International is the UK’s leading health food retailer that encompasses several worldwide brands, including: Holland & Barrett, Nature’s Way, GNC, De Tuinen and Essenza.

Peter has a proven track record in developing the retail, marketing and online commercial strategies for Holland & Barrett, as well as overseeing new store development, and the buying and franchising of the H&B brand worldwide. The latter included overseeing the acquisition of Nature’s Way (Ireland), GNC (UK), De Tuinen (Netherlands), and Essenza (Belgium) — all have been franchised to become Holland & Barrett stores with great success. Overall, he has a hugely demonstrable record of growing the business during his tenure.

Before his departure from Holland & Barrett International, Peter completed 39 consecutive quarters of like-for-like growth — an exceptional feat.